We're taking action in our communities 

Covanta Essex Environmental Justice Support

We have not just put this policy on paper. A decade later, this policy continues to guide our interaction and engagement with the communities we serve. Our work to dramatically reduce emissions despite achieving compliance with all of our permits is ongoing. Here are just a few of the recent investments we have made to reduce our environmental impacts in our communities:

  • New baghouse installation at Covanta Essex in Newark, NJ, which has reduced emissions by up to 90% (~$90 million investment)
  • Low NOx Systems to reduce emissions of nitrous oxides installed in 24 individual units
  • Making our emissions data available publicly online for NJ and PA facilities with plans to roll out data for entire fleet
  • Emissions reductions over 72% since beginning Sustainability program in 2007
  • Installation of a new metals recovery system to capture valuable metal from the waste stream so that it may be recycled into new products, alleviating the need to mine new raw materials from the environment (~$11 million investment)

We recognize our facilities contribute pollutant emissions to local airsheds, often in communities already overburdened by converging emissions sources. Together with our communities we seek solutions that will make a real difference. The graph below details our recent environmental performance compared with federal standards. To learn more about our progress in addressing environmental justice issues, head over to our Corporate Sustainability Report.


We have and will continue to operate well below our permits at all facilities, up to 97% for certain compounds.