Calculate the benefits of wastewater recycling

Clean water is a precious resource. Our Covanta Environmental Solutions team can help tailor a pretreatment solution to your unique wastewater challenge. 

Wastewater pretreatment is a critical step in getting water ready for a traditional wastewater treatment facility where it can be safely reintroduced back to the environment. Use our Liquid Waste Calculator to see just how much of a difference you can make.

Waste Calculator


You will recycle enough water to:

• Provide
individuals with drinking water for one year

• Supply homes with water for one month

• Grow pounds of tomatoes

Depending on your specific wastewater, pre-treatment through Covanta Environmental Solutions can also:

  • help reduce demand on local publicly owned treatment plants (POTWs)
  • recover oil for fuel blending
  • recover solids for compost or energy recovery
  • remove contaminants unsuitable for traditional wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatability can vary significantly. Results are illustrative and are based on average pre-treatment results across wastewaters historically treated by CES. Water equivalencies based on U.S. EPA,
NASEM, USGS consumption data and Water Education Foundation irrigation requirements data.

Liquid Waste Management

Treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater requires resources most businesses don’t have in-house, and improper disposal can expose companies to significant liabilities. That’s why businesses rely on Covanta Environmental Solutions.

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