Explore Our Waste-to-Energy Facilities

“I didn’t know there was so much science in garbage!” “Why don’t we do this everywhere?” These are the comments we hear just about every time we conduct an in-person tour of one of our state-of-the-art Waste-to-Energy facilities. From our continuous emissions monitoring technology to our infrared heat monitors to our combustion controls to our advanced metal recovery system, our staff of engineers and waste experts use their know-how to keep our operations running smoothly 24/7.

Virtual Tour

No time to get out to a facility? No problem! Our virtual tour provides an up-close and highly informative experience looking inside the end-to-end operation of a Waste-to-Energy facility. Click in the box below to get started.


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Of course, there’s nothing quite like an in-person visit to one of our facilities. We welcome thousands of people each year, and would be excited to show you how our resource recovery process works.


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