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Material Processing Facility Overview:

Coolants, oily water solutions, waste oils and fuels, metal bearing waste waters, UST waste, oil-soaked absorbents, latex paints and coating, paint booth sludge and water, antifreeze, contaminated soils, universal wastes, lab wastes, empty containers, waste water treatment filter cake, organic solids, and packaged products.

Waste Services Offered:

  • Bulk Liquid Waste Collection and Transportation via Vacuum Tankers
  • Drummed and Containerized Waste Collection and Disposal
  • Waste by Rail
  • Sludge Collection and Transportation
  • On Site Cleaning and Confined Space Services
  • Non-Hazardous Centralized Waste Treatment Services
  • Laboratory and Chemical Packaging and Disposal Services
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Maintenance
  • Used Oil Services
  • Rail Car Cleaning Services
  • Food Waste Services
  • E- and U-Waste Services
  • RCRA & DOT Training
  • Safety and Regulatory Training
  • On-Site Laboratory and Analytical Compliance & Testing Services
  • On-Site Lab Pack Service (GRIP Program)
  • Emergency Spill Response Services

Trucking/Transportation Services and Equipment:

Boxtrucks, tanker tractors, semi-tractors, super suckers, vacuum trailers,non-vacuum tank trailers, van trailers, roll-off trailers, live floortrailers, code Hi-Vac trucks, pickup trucks, service vans, utilitytrailers, dump trailers, roll-off boxes, stake trucks, vac boxes.

CES New Castle
61 Riverpark Drive
New Castle, PA  16101

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CES New Castle
61 Riverpark Drive
New Castle, PA  16101

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