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Covanta Burnaby

Reducing Landfill Waste

Located in Burnaby, British Columbia, the Metro Vancouver Waste-to-Energy Facility, is an award-winning facility owned by Metro Vancouver. The facility sustainably processes approximately 25 percent of Metro Vancouver’s post-recycled waste, mainly from the North Shore, Burnaby and New Westminster.

As the facility operator, not only do we keep waste out of landfills, we are committed to maximizing safety and minimizing environmental impacts.

Fast Stats: Annual Performance

Every year, our facility processes more than 281,000 tons of waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfills.


Less waste in landfills reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 196,000 tons of CO2. That’s like taking 38,000 passenger vehicles off the road for one year.


We use waste to produce 24 megawatts of electricity 24/7 - enough to power 17,000 homes for a year.


We also recover 6,200 tons of metal for recycling annually - enough to build 5,000 cars.

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Superior Environmental Performance

We care about our communities and operate well below emissions limits. Over 99.9 percent of what comes out of our plant’s stack is what you’d typically find in air - water vapor, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. The remaining constituents are well below federal and state standards.

Burnaby emissions 2021

For more information on facility performance click here.

Process in Action

Waste-to-Energy: How Does It Work?

Waste-to-Energy takes non-hazardous waste - otherwise destined for landfill - and combusts it to generate steam for electricity generation. Ash is processed to recover metal for recycling while all gases are collected, filtered and cleaned before being released safely into the atmosphere.

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