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Our global suppliers provide superior value for their products and services

Covanta views the supply chain as a strategic component of our business. We constantly look for ways to improve our performance and reduce costs, and a big part of that is working with a diverse base of global suppliers who can provide the best pricing at the highest levels of quality.


We are interested in suppliers who:

  • Add value to the supply chain by providing fair pricing 
  • Have a core competency in the products or services they provide
  • Are financially healthy, with a solid business plan for future growth
  • Reduce supply vulnerability by building redundancies into their business model
  • Promote a culture built on developing long-term partnerships and sustainable solutions
  • Support minorities, women and disabled veterans 

Covanta values our relationships with our suppliers and recognizes their importance to our future growth and success. Our goal is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that allow our suppliers to attain the highest level of supply chain excellence.

We seek to work with suppliers who offer the best overall value and who operate and provide products and services that are environmentally friendly. Sustainability is an important consideration in our supplier selection process.


Becoming a Covanta Supplier

Suppliers interested in working with Covanta should fill out the Supplier Pre-Qualification Form. If a supplier’s capabilities align with Covanta’s purchasing and business needs, then the supplier will be contacted for additional information including, but not limited to, an RFQ, a Supplier Setup form and a Master Agreement.

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Supplier Relations

We maintain and practice the highest possible standards of business ethics, professional courtesy and competence in all dealings with suppliers and contractors. Our business must be transacted in a fair and businesslike manner that incorporates clarity of style, purpose and articulation of anticipated results. We are strong advocates of optimally written contracts and enhanced relationships that provide the best value to our company. Scrupulous attention to applicable laws must always be observed. 

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