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Recycling bulbs, batteries and more

For many companies, understanding the requirements for managing common hazardous waste items such as bulbs, batteries and thermometers is a major priority. These items may contain toxic elements such as mercury and lead, that can contaminate the environment and pose serious health risks.

Covanta Environmental Solutions can help your business avoid potential liability and keep these harmful products out of landfills by safely recycling your universal waste.

Universal Waste is a category of waste materials widely produced by households and businesses that is designated as “hazardous waste.” Therefore, it should not be disposed of in the trash. Some examples include: 

Fluorescent bulbs in an upright pile

Fluorescent Lights

Batteries of various sizes and colors


An old, electrical ballast lies with exposed wire


A thermometer filled with mercury

Mercury Devices

Aged aerosol cans of various colors

Aerosol Cans

Pesticide bottles on a blue table


Blue antifreeze is poured into a vehicle


Green and blue computer chips sit on a pile of electronic waste


Protecting Your Business

We’ll help you stay compliant and protect the environment. Our solutions will: 

  • Mitigate legal and brand-related risks associated with landfilling hazardous materials
  • Reduce your business' impact on the environment, human health and wildlife
  • Conserve valuable resources and generate clean, renewable energy
  • Optimize your materials management and save you money

Making Recycling Easy

Our prepaid recycling program includes everything you need to recycle your universal waste safely, including shipping, packaging, recycling/disposal and compliance documentation.