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Trust us to securely and completely destroy your sensitive and confidential waste materials

Sensitive, unsalable and confidential waste represents a significant risk to your company. You can’t simply toss these materials in the trash. Our secure destruction service safely eliminates this waste, minimizing your risk and offering peace of mind.

Businesses often end up with products and materials that must be securely destroyed. Many times, these are products that cannot be sold—defective, off-spec, outdated or recalled. In other cases, they are sensitive or classified materials. Were these materials to fall into the wrong hands, it could damage your brand reputation and open your company up to potential liability.

Covanta Environmental Solutions offers a certified destruction service that guarantees that your products are completely destroyed, preventing them from being re-sold or reused. When it comes to product recalls, we ensure our destruction solutions are in strict compliance with FDA, DEA, federal, state, provincial and other regulatory agency requirements.

Our sensitive and secure waste disposal process accepts a variety of products and materials, including:

  • Consumer packaged products identified as “not to be sold”
  • Sensitive and classified materials, including paper documents
  • Prototypes, research and development materials and retained samples
  • Contraband and counterfeit materials
  • Textiles
  • Non-hazardous special waste
  • Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical waste

With our secure product destruction service, you can be assured that your company is reducing risk and liability. What’s more, you will generate clean, renewable energy in the process. Put your trust in us.