Turnkey, scalable solutions that meet all regulations and protect the environment

With our closed-loop process and permitted Waste-to-Energy facilities, Covanta Environmental Solutions is the ideal partner to help you dispose of regulated medical waste.

Disposal of regulated medical waste must follow strict rules and protocols to avoid harm to people and the environment. It takes expertise, logistics and the right equipment to handle this responsibility properly.

With over three decades of experience handling sensitive waste streams for clients, our track record is unparalleled. We offer end-to-end tracking, secure and compliant transportation, and all necessary certification and documentation. Our strict safety protocols and automated handling systems ensure the health of our employees and protect the public and the environment.

Some types of medical waste are categorized as “must incinerate.” Our permitted Waste-to-Energy facilities provide secure destruction of those materials and all medical waste streams requiring thermal treatment. With our convenient, end-to-end process, your material is destroyed quickly and completely.

Eliminate your worries—and potential liability—by working with an expert in regulated medical waste disposal.

Environmental Benefits

You need your regulated medical waste managed with the utmost security, but you also want to meet your sustainability goals. With Covanta Environmental Solutions, you’ll achieve both.

By incinerating medical waste at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, we ensure pathogens and contamination are completely destroyed. We also convert the waste into clean, renewable energy, avoiding the need for burning fossil fuels.

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