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Making the best use of unused products

We separate product from packaging to enhance recycling and advance a circular economy. Our solutions allow your company to stay on budget and meet its sustainability goals.

Companies that produce packaged goods—from food to cleaning products—often end up with substantial volumes of waste.  No matter if they are unsold items or products that have reached the end of their life cycle, the cost of waste hauling and disposal has increased significantly.

We can help. We’ll consult with your organization to define the best strategy for handling product life cycles and achieving responsible product recycling or disposal. Your waste will be managed securely and sustainably, and in a way that is friendly to your bottom line.

One way we do this is with our innovative process that uses new ways to recycle all packaged products. At our material processing facilities, we efficiently and securely depackage your “not to be sold” goods, including food waste. From there, we recycle and repurpose both the products and the packaging, either for sale to recyclers or for energy production—which helps reduce your costs.

Companies need to be more aware of the full lifecycle of their products and how they impact the environment, economy and society. Covanta Environmental Solutions allows you to meet your sustainability goals, while ensuring the security you expect. Disposing of plastic and packaged goods doesn’t have to be difficult—not when we have the expertise that can offer you peace of mind.