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Solving your business’s most pressing waste and environmental challenges

Totes, drums, tanks and even process equipment need pump-outs, cleaning, vacuum or transportation services —sometimes unexpectedly. Fortunately, when they do, we’re there to provide on-site or on-the-road turnkey solutions. Our network of Waste-to-Energy and Material Processing Facilities, coupled with our in-house fleet of trucks and equipment, allow us to tackle these challenges on the fly and provide reliable, end-to-end service that keeps your operation on track.

Our top priority has always been, and always will be, the safety of both people and the planet. It’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that every area of our business on- and off-site doesn’t just “meet” federal and local protocols, but uses them as a starting point.

To reflect this, our highly-trained staff and industry-leading facilities that have been nationally recognized in safety and performance go the extra mile so that your field and on-site needs are met with care, and your concerns are left behind.


Some of our services include: 

  • Performing on-site evaluation, identification, packaging, profiling, recycling and disposal for all kinds of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
  • Receiving, cleaning, transporting and/or disposing of materials and vessels related to totes, drums, tanks, railcars, pits, pipes, lagoons and retention ponds
  • Providing industrial vacuum, water blasting, line jetting dewatering and industrial cleaning services
Additionally, we offer waste transportation and logistics through our dedicated fleet of box trucks, bulk tankers, vacuum trucks, dump trucks and roll-off trucks, so we can meet your waste needs every step of the way.
a Covanta Environmental Solutions employee cleaning in a confined space

Confined Space Cleaning

a Covanta Environmental Solutions employee cleaning a waste pit

Site Cleaning

a Covanta Environmental Solutions employee cleaning a frac tank

Frac Tank Cleaning