Hempstead Partners with Local College to Provide Workplace Training

Covanta Hempstead recently began a partnership with the Center for Workforce Development at Nassau Community College (NCC), as an employer partner of the URGENT program. The program, funded by grants through the State University of New York (SUNY), provides career training to members of underrepresented groups. This career training can prove absolutely life-changing for anyone looking to break into the job market, which is no small task.

The partnership is already producing results, with one recent graduate filling a vacancy at the facility in a scale house position. The graduate, now Covanta employee, Daniel Yi is pictured above (second from left) at his new place of work with some representatives from the URGENT program at NCC . Providing training to underrepresented groups for well playing to jobs is essential for ensuring a diverse and equitable local community, something Covanta is thrilled to support through NCC.

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