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Fishing For Energy Partner Earns Award For Video With Covanta Lee

The Telly Awards are awarded annually to global recipients for outstanding work within television and across video from over 12,000 entries. This year’s recipients include the Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves Marine Debris Removal video, which showcases work by local Florida Department of Environmental Protection and National Fish & Wildlife Federation (NFWF) members around Charlote Harbor in Florida, as well as Covanta Lee and NOAA, through the Fishing For Energy program. The program is a solution to two connected problems: pollution of aquatic systems by derelict fishing gear, and sustainably managing waste. Debris collected from local waterways are delivered to the facility for conversion into electricity and metals recovery.

Lee | Covanta

As a result of the work in Charlotte Harbor, 257 anchors, 32 fishing poles, and other assorted debris totaling over 4,000 pounds were removed from the water and sustainably disposed of! Covanta is proud of our participation in Fishing for Energy, and for the Lee Waste-to-Energy facility’s feature in this outstanding film that sheds light on the contributions of the program to local ecosystems. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the Telly Award-winning video here!


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