Approved Supplier Enrollment

If you've been selected to become one of our suppliers, the following information will get you started on your way to a great partnership with us.

After you have completed a Supplier Application, this Supplier Set-up Presentation will help you to correctly complete the necessary paperwork to get your company into our system, as well as how help you to change your information once you've become one of our suppliers.

What is ISNetworld (ISN)?

ISNetworld is the resource for connecting organizations around the world with safe, reliable contractors/suppliers. ISN cuts through the complexities involved with conformance and credentialing, allowing your record to speak for itself. It provides a central resource to ensure compliance with our policy and to eliminate repetitive reviews of the same supplier by multiple Covanta sites.

We, and applicable contractors, belong to ISN which facilitates the verification and adherence to safety policies for contractors who are required to maintain established standards and documentation, per our safety policies. ISN requirements include:

  • A supplier must subscribe to ISN when a service contractor performs work at one of our locations requiring the contractor to practice OSHA-compliant safety procedures, and to report their safety statistics and Experience Modification Rate (EMR).
  • Contractors working and spending time inside the physical plant or outside around noise, moving equipment, elevations, scaffolding, and/or confined spaces and/or involved in calibration, repair or replacement of scales and equipment must subscribe to ISN to have their programs, safety statistics, and insurance certificates reviewed and approved by the ISN OSHA regulatory and insurance teams.
  • If the spend is under $10,000 company-wide, facility management can use the ISN waiver form to request a contractor be waived from the ISN subscription.
  • A contractor who bills over $10,000 but performs work without workplace hazards to mitigate, such as a design engineer who never leaves the office, is not required to subscribe to ISN. But as soon as they leave the office and start spending time in the physical plant -- to conduct observations, walk downs, inspections, check equipment calibrations, etc. -- the contractor is then required to subscribe to ISN.

Annually, you must sign a SP 5/5B, and review your supplier statistics with our safety group. You also must provide current insurance certificates to us. You can retrieve contact information to get set-up with ISN from

Payment Information

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH payments are direct-deposit credit transfers into your bank account. They are identified by the bank's routing number and the account number and based on the payment terms. To set-up your company for ACH payments, please complete and follow the directions on the ACH Set-up Form.


We participate in Bank of America’s E-Payables program.  E-Payables provide us with an alternative mechanism to pay suppliers. Suppliers are paid using a credit card disbursement according to their payment terms. For more information about e-Payables, please read the e-Payables Program Information Sheet.

Purchasing Card (P-Card)

The purchasing card (P-Card) is a Visa credit card and is mandatory to purchase low cost materials and services. Except for inventory and capital purchases, any goods or services totaling less than the established threshold (currently set at $5,000 per transaction) will be purchased with a P-card.


We partner with Transcepta to replace paper and email invoice submissions with an electronic invoicing network. By utilizing Transcepta, you can eliminate all costs and delays of mail-in, paper-based submittals and be able to achieve faster invoice processing time along with an ability to obtain invoice status. Registration and connection with Transcepta is mandatory and a condition of doing business with us.

As our supplier, you pay no fees to join.  Registration with Transcepta only takes a few minutes and is designed to be compatible with most existing systems or invoice formats. 

To register with Transcepta, visit and enter the contact information. Transcepta will then provide you with the required information to complete the connection and submit invoices through the network for processing. For more information or assistance with registration, you can email Transcepta at or call the Transcepta Recruiting team Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. ET at 949-382-2841, ext.1.