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Zero Waste & Materials Management Services

Whether you’ve set a goal of zero waste, zero landfill, sustainable materials management (SMM), diversion or achieving a circular economy, the end results are similar: lower environmental impacts from how we manage waste and materials. Covanta can help you attract the most value from your waste resources, benefiting both the environment and your bottom line.

With decades of experience in implementing responsible waste reduction strategies, Covanta offers a team of experts who will work with you to identify the best reduce, reuse, recycle, recover options for your production and manufacturing by-products. Our consultants have performed opportunity assessments on many organizations, large and small, in order to improve their environmental footprint, reduce costs, uncover new revenue streams and mitigate risk, all while protecting brand reputations. We collect independent research on an ongoing basis and always make sure our processes are efficient and effective, from both environmental and economic standpoints.

The consulting services we offer include:

  • Site investigation and remediation services, such as:
    • Environmental site assessments
    • UST Tank Removal
  • Environmental compliance support:
    • Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans
    • Facility Response plans (FRP)
    • Discharge Monitoring reports (DMRs)
    • Hazardous Waste Management Plans (HWMPs) and other RCRA support
    • Pollution Prevention (P2) plans
  • Zero waste to landfill and waste minimization consulting
  • Current environmental permit reviews
  • Facility evaluation and annual routine reporting for EPA and state-mandated environmental EPCRA, Right to Know, RCRA, CWA, and CERCLA reporting requirements

Not only can Covanta help organizations with planning and consulting, we also deliver on our recommendations. We operate a diverse fleet of materials processing, wastewater treatment, e-waste recycling, depackaging and energy recovery facilities that can deliver full solutions. With our extensive network of relationships, we can expand our reach to composting, anaerobic digestion, industrial reuse and logistical options to provide a full suite of services.

Once you are up and running, Covanta provides ongoing support. For those who require third party certification of zero landfill or zero-waste-to-landfill, our verification-ready process provides documentation, process proof and internal certifications for receipt and processing of waste materials. We can also help you understand the impacts and benefits of the waste services provided, whether to support your GHG inventory, reach your sustainability goals, meet your supply chain requirements or analyze your full product lifecycle. Our verification-ready process was third-party audited by GreenCircle Certified to verify that our calculation and documentation methodology is in compliance with accepted standards and best practices. 


Covanta knows that helping organizations move up the waste hierarchy will reduce their impact on the environment and move them toward their goal of zero waste.

  • We are continually striving to find the optimum resolution to any environmental issue.
  • As a high-level, full service business, we take pride in providing turnkey solutions to manage the disposition of any waste stream.
  • We conduct waste auditing to help our customers identify waste reduction and recycling opportunities across their organization.

Our wastewater treatment process is a prime component of our efforts to reuse resources.

  • We treat industrial and commercial wastewaters using a variety of approaches customized for each wastewater, including pH adjustment, flocculation, filtration, and oil/water separation. The treated water is then sent to municipal treatment plants for final water treatment and reintroduction to the water cycle.
  • Acids and caustics are recovered and reused for future treatment of wastewater.
  • Clean oil products are recovered for off-site reuse or fuel blending.

We facilitate recycling of many materials, and our methods are recovering more source materials every year:

  • Our UnWrapp process converts packaged products into recyclable commodities, water, and energy.
  • We recycle 13 million pounds of e-waste annually.

We own and/or operate over 40 Energy-from-Waste facilities in North America that generate clean and renewable baseload electricity and/or steam from residential, commercial and industrial wastes. These facilities are an excellent complement to your recycling and waste reduction programs as they are far preferable to landfilling those wastes that cannot be practically or economically recycled or source reduced. In addition, most facilities recover both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We also provide complete secure destruction services, including witnessed destruction, at our energy recovery facilities to help mitigate your downstream risks.


When it comes to non-hazardous waste, everything we receive from our customers is either reused, recycled or processed through our energy recovery systems.

The on-site services we offer include:

  • Sludge removal
  • Wet and dry industrial vacuuming
  • Water blasting
  • Line jetting
  • Dewatering
  • Tank removal and decommissioning for both underground and above-ground storage tanks
  • Sewer line maintenance and cleaning
  • Plant cleanouts and closures

Regardless of your needs, our dedicated logistics experts will help you find the most cost-effective transportation options. We offer on-site collection and management services. Additionally, our network of wastewater and solid material processing facilities located throughout the United States can safely and securely manage:

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste transportation
  • Bulk waste transportation
  • Equipment for use in remediation, water and wastewater and industrial applications
  • Vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers
  • Dump trucks, box vans, and bulk and storage tankers
  • Roll-off containers
  • LTL (milk run) pick-up service and dedicated truck services
  • Containerized waste transportation (pails, drums and totes)

We take a variety of waste types and offer waste management solutions such as shredding, solidification, stabilization and more.

Finally, as a company providing waste & materials management services, we know how important it is to practice what we preach:

  • We operate several zero-process water discharge plants throughout the United States, reducing the generation of wastewater.
  • We collect and recover mercury, keeping it out the waste stream.
  • We are expanding our use of carbide lime (a by-product of acetylene manufacturing), ash from our combustion plants and ammonia in our ongoing pollution control processes.
  • Metals recovery has increased by 40%, stainless steel can now be recovered from ash, and mixed metals are now processed into purer commodity streams.

We are constantly researching and advancing new ideas to help you meet your sustainability goals. With our decades of experience and a consultative approach, we have helped many clients find the best solution for their needs.

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