When customers return old, damaged or recalled products to the manufacturers, the cost of managing those returns is much greater than the initial cost to distribute the product. In addition, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programs require that all manufacturers include the environmental cost of goods, throughout their life cycle, into the original market price. Organizations need to ensure that the return, recovery and disposal of their products are part of their entire product management approach.

When it comes to reverse logistics, we know that the influx of shorter product lifecycles, easier retail return policies and fast innovation cycles have led to the need to include product return, recovery and disposal in your overall product lifecycle management strategy. And with the added requirements of both voluntary and regulated EPR programs, we know you need a partner who can offer comprehensive solutions for secure and predictable product end-of-life (EOL) processes.

At Covanta, our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to provide solutions from collection to destruction, with processes that follow all FDA, DEA and EPA regulations. We have a recall management program that can support any size project. We also offer customized mail-back and take-back programs for a wide variety of materials, such as toner cartridges, pharmaceuticals, and much more.

Our Reverse Distribution Registration for DEA Schedules CI-CV, List 1 and List 2 chemicals allows us to manage large and small inventories of controlled drugs from clients in full compliance with DEA and EPA regulations, including the provision of Certificates of Destruction through our secure destruction process.

To manage EPR-designated materials, such as printed paper and packaging, medications, sharps, batteries, mattresses, paint and carpeting, we offer a full menu of environmental services, including our Energy-from-Waste network, that allows us to manage recyclable and non-recyclable residual materials from any EPR program.

And we also offer our innovative UnWrapp (Using New Ways to Recycle All Packaged Products) process for managing all of your plastics and packaged goods.

With Covanta’s expertise in reverse distribution and product lifecycle management, we can help you achieve cost savings, find economies of scale and implement service improvements, giving you the competitive advantage.

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