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Liquid Waste Management

Our liquid waste management solutions treat the contaminants in liquid waste streams, providing you with a superior, safe and secure way to manage liquid waste streams.

We have a wide menu of solutions:

  • Our Liquid Direct Injection technology is designed to destroy contaminants and materials in a wide range of waste streams. We inject liquids directly into our advanced controlled combustion systems where water is instantly vaporized, and the remaining contaminants and materials are destroyed. Some of the waste water is beneficially reused by our EfW facilities to offset the need for service or potable water
  • Wastewater treatment systems at our network of material processing facilities result in clean, reusable water
    State-of-the-art laboratory network for on-site waste stream analysis
  • Our wastewater treatment of non-hazardous process wastewaters includes:
    • Metal-bearing wastewaters;
    • Oily wastewaters; and
    • Organic wastewaters.
  • Beneficial reuse of organic waste streams generates electricity in anaerobic digester facilities
  • Beneficial reuse of acids and caustics treats process wastewaters
  • Elementary neutralization of corrosive-only wastes
  • Beneficial reuse of high BTU wastes as fuel alternatives
  • Transportation and disposal of characteristic (D-Code) wastes that meet the criteria of ignitable, corrosive, reactive and toxic 
  • Transportation and disposal of listed wastes include:
    • F-listed, non-specific processes
    • K-listed, specific industrial processes
    • P-listed, unused or off-specification chemicals, container and spill cleanup residues of acute hazardous waste chemicals 
    • U-listed, other toxic chemicals
  • Through our evaporator system, we can easily change a non-hazardous manufacturing process liquid waste into a gas or a vapor 
  • Our Liquid Solidification process allows companies to economically dispose of non-hazardous liquids and is appropriate for a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential non-hazardous liquid wastes
  • Used Oil Recycling of on-spec and off-spec oils with chlorinated paraffins
  • Flowback Water Recycling of “frac” water, generated during hydraulic fracturing and extraction of natural gas from marcellus shale geologic formations
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CES Liquid Tanker

American Airlines Wheel and Brake Center Case Study

The wastewater from American Airlines Wheel and Brake Center is processed through our Liquid Direct Injection process which pumps the waste water through atomizing nozzles directly into the combustion chambers where the contaminants are destroyed and the water is vaporized, thus avoiding landfills and eliminating potential landfill leachate impacts.

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