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Liquid Waste Management - Wastewater Treatment Process

Industrial companies produce both hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater because of their manufacturing and production systems, including wastewater that contains EPA listed and characteristic wastes. The treatment of this wastewater has become a key component to a profitable operation. Companies require a cost-effective effluent treatment solution that can help them manage their entire wastewater stream that meets all federal and local standards, and is environmentally-friendly.


Covanta recycles millions of gallons of wastewater every year. Our wastewater treatment process efficiently deals with all types of wastewater and helps to eliminate the risk of backups and service interruptions that could dramatically affect your operation.

We start by conducting an on-site waste stream analysis, utilizing our state-of-the-art laboratory network to make sure we fully understand the issues you are facing with wastewater management. We will then produce a Waste Characterization Statement that lists all of the waste constituents and work with our customers to select an environmental solution that will best suit their desired outcome.

Knowing that mischaracterization of waste has the potential to increase long-term liability, waste disposal costs and annual environmental reporting, we also offer a solution for managing lab packs, lab waste and hazardous waste from inventory testing.

At our network of wastewater treatment plants, we offer the following services for non-hazardous waste:

  • Our Liquid Treatment process involves physical and chemical treatment techniques to remove contaminants such as oils, dissolved metals and solids. The water is then sent to municipal treatment plants for additional biological water treatment, resulting in clean water that is returned to the water cycle and typically to surface waters.
  • Our Liquid Direct Injection technology destroys contaminants and materials in a wide range of waste streams. We inject liquid waste directly into our advanced controlled combustion systems where the water is instantly vaporized and the remaining contaminants and materials are destroyed.
  • Clean oil products are collected and reused or sold.
  • For organic waste streams, we partner with organizations who have anaerobic digester facilities that can turn wastewater into a renewable energy source.

 We also offer semi tanker cleaning, railcar cleaning and container cleaning for items such as stainless steel and poly IBC totes.

There is an increasing need for experience and confidence in the treatment and recycling of different types of wastewaters, from residential and municipal sources to industrial wastewater. Covanta has the expertise to provide a value-added service that meets your needs.

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CES Liquid Tanker ing


The wastewater from American Airlines Wheel and Brake Center is processed through our Liquid Direct Injection process, thus avoiding landfills and eliminating potential landfill leachate impacts.