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Plastic & Packaged Goods Recycling

Companies that produce packaged goods, from food to cleaning products, are now accountable for the full life cycle of their products, from production to disposal. The volume of waste they produce is substantial, and the majority of that waste consists of damaged, off-spec, expired or returned products. Costs have increased substantially, particularly for waste hauling and disposal. Companies need ways to manage their product destruction in an economical and responsible manner.


At Covanta, we have extensive experience in consulting with organizations to define the best strategy for managing entire product life cycles and achieving responsible product disposal. We help you identify your key problems and find solutions that help you move up the waste hierarchy.

With our innovative UnWrapp process (Using New Ways to Recycle All Packaged Products), our material processing facilities can efficiently and securely depackage your ‘not to be sold’ goods, including food waste. We recycle, reuse and repurpose the resulting components for new production or as materials that can be sold to recyclers, further reducing your costs.

Throughout the process, our goal is to help you shrink your waste stream, and our methodology guarantees a secure method for consumer product disposal. This helps you eliminate liability and achieve important environmental goals.

We offer a secure warehouse for unloading the products and accept a wide range of goods in varying sizes for depackaging and disposal. Whether you ask for organic product recycling, depackaging or consumer product destruction, our materials processing facilities separate the waste into three groups:

  • Materials to be destroyed are either sent to the boiler of one of our Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities or through our UnWrapp process.
  • Wastewater is converted into clean, reusable water, that is then sent to municipal water treatment plants and ultimately returned to the water supply.
  • The remaining packaging is sorted, cleaned and sent on for recycling into raw materials for new packaged products.

With any product that is deemed “not to be sold,” the packaging can be recovered and recycled with Covanta’s expertise and assistance, helping companies achieve their zero landfill goals.

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