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Environmental & Material Management Consulting

We offer a wide range of professional and consulting services from customized recycling programs to liability and risk protection programs.

Areas where we can partner with you include: 

  • Life-cycle management
  • Technology evaluation and joint investments
  • Due diligence – environmental site assessments (Phase One and Phase Two Reporting)
  • Company/facility permitting for air quality, water quality and waste management in accordance with EPA and statewide regulations
  • Current permit review
  • Facility evaluation activities and annual routine reporting for EPA and state-mandated environmental EPCRA, Right to Know, RCRA, CWA and CERCLA reporting requirements
  • Spill and contingency plans (emergency response, control, countermeasures and preparedness plans)
  • Environmental compliance audit (subsequent voluntary disclosures)
  • Pollution prevention activities / source reduction / mitigation of hazards
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The growing demand for proper recycling of electronic waste, or “e‐waste”, led LCSWMA to pursue a vendor partnership to ensure these materials are recycled and/or properly disposed of in a way that protects the environment.