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Assured Destruction

Through our EfW process, we safely and securely destroy materials at temperatures approaching 2,000oF, while at the same time generating clean energy. The entire process is witnessed and recorded and includes certified proof of destruction, ensuring that your materials will be completely destroyed and prevented from falling into the wrong hands, being re-sold or reused.

Materials that are typically managed in our assured destruction process include:

  • Pharmaceutical production process waste, active ingredients, excipients, liquids and finished packaged goods 
  • Sensitive and classified documents such as digital memory, floppy and hard disks, magnetic tape, microforms, optical discs, paper, SIM or smart cards, and visual display units (VDU)
  • Prototypes, research and development materials, retained samples, contraband and counterfeits
  • Non-hazardous liquid waste that can be injected directly into our EfW boilers, instantly destroying contaminants and eliminating your long-term liability
  • Consumer packaged products identified as “not to be sold”
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Pharmaceuticals Case Study

Covanta Environmental Services routinely works with companies that have sensitive waste streams requiring assured destruction.

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