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Secure Destruction – Sensitive & Confidential Waste Disposal

Health care suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and other organizations often end up with defective, off-spec, returned or out-dated products and merchandise that must be securely destroyed. An added concern is how to handle waste that hasn’t yet been properly classified according to government regulatory standards or has an unclear MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Companies often have very little storage space for such waste, and they need a solution that can meet all of their sensitive waste disposal needs.

Covanta has years of expertise in managing sensitive, proprietary and confidential waste for our clients. We know how important it is to minimize risk and liability from that waste, and that secure product and material destruction is required to make sure none of the materials reach the public’s hands.

Through our waste to energy facilities, we offer a safe and secure destruction process that destroys materials at temperatures approaching 2,000°F, while at the same time generating clean energy. Typically, the entire process is witnessed and includes either a Certificate of Destruction proving that the materials were directly fed into our hopper for immediate thermal destruction, or a Certificate of Disposal showing that non-secure materials were received and processed within our pit, together with other solid waste, before being destroyed.

Our certified destruction management process makes sure that your products will be completely destroyed and prevented from being re-sold or reused:

  1. The customer ships their waste to a Covanta location in a sealed vehicle.
  2. On arrival, Covanta employees inspect the seal for evidence of tampering. They also catalog the seal number prior to breaking the seal.
    Note: If the customer arranges for a witness to the destruction, the seal is not broken until the witness is on site.
  3. We securely transport the material to our EfW processor for combustion.
  4. The combustion process is completed by screened employees and can be witnessed by a customer representative at any time.

When it comes to recall destruction, we ensure our process remains in strict compliance with EPA, DEA and other regulatory agency requirements. Our sensitive waste disposal process can accept a variety of products and materials:

  • Pharmaceutical production waste, active ingredients, excipients, liquids and finished packaged goods.
  • Sensitive and classified materials such as digital memory units, floppy and hard disks, magnetic tape, microforms, optical discs and SIM or smart cards. Secure destruction of hard drives and other e-waste is managed through our Electronic Waste Recycling program.
  • Prototypes, research and development materials, retained samples, contraband and counterfeits.
  • Non-hazardous special waste that can be injected directly into our EfW boilers.
  • Consumer packaged products identified as not to be sold. We also offer our UnWrapp (Using New Ways to Recycle All Packaged Products) process that ensures secure depackaging, recycling and repurposing.

With Covanta’s secure destruction service, you can be assured that you are supporting the environment and reducing risk and liability, all without compromising confidentiality and security.

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Covanta Environmental Solutions routinely works with companies that have sensitive waste streams requiring assured destruction.