Great achievement poses great challenges; let us help you meet them.

Medicinal products are there to improve people’s well-being, to make a difference in their health, and in turn, their lives. But getting to where that is possible, to market, isn’t the easiest climb. There are obstacles and checkpoints along the way, necessary attunements before reaching the summit.

In healthcare, these challenges often exist as meeting DEA compliance, achieving corporate sustainability goals or supporting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation. Regardless of which it is, having expert assistance at your side can prove to be invaluable. Our exclusive, closed-loop process is just that, and gives your company the advantage it needs in going above and beyond.

Pharmaceutical Waste Destruction

Going above and beyond begins with capability. Covanta is the largest assured destroyer of pharmaceuticals in the United States and operates a network of more than 40 Energy-from-Waste facilities nationwide to produce clean, renewable energy. We securely dispatch 20 million pounds of controlled substances every year. Our network of Pharmaceutical Service Centers (PSC) expertly manage and control these destruction events.

Expertise in Sustainable Solutions

We have over 25 years of experience and leadership in managing and securely disposing of pharmaceutical waste. Our closed-loop process minimizes diversion points and maximizes compliance. Let us help your company optimize its sustainability goals:

  • Optimize your sustainability goals with world class zero waste-to-landfill solutions and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Receive environmentally-sound waste disposal options that support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) commitments
  • Ensure your pharmaceutical waste disposal continues to be DEA and EPA compliant
  • Transform your by-products into clean, renewable energy that powers communities and businesses
Closed Loop Pharma Distribution

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At Covanta, our turnkey product disposal solutions ensure that no waste is ever wasted.

Medical Waste Program

Covanta Environmental Solutions operates a comprehensive medical waste disposal program for companies providing medical waste services directly to healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals. Our program meets the highest standards in the medical waste industry for operational safety, environmental compliance, consistent thermal treatment capacity and ease of use by service providers.

Waste processed at our permitted and OSHA VPP certified Energy-from-Waste facilities is used to generate clean, renewable energy. Covanta’s thermal treatment technology, along with our proprietary automated hopper feed system, ensure safe and secure disposal and the most sustainable outcome for medical waste.

Covanta Environmental Solutions’ medical waste program is designed primarily for frontline medical waste service providers that have collection and transfer station capabilities. We accept regulated medical waste, treated medical waste, sharps (used and unused) and vaccines.  View waste acceptance criteria.

Competitive Advantage

One of the real standouts, however, that gives us a competitive advantage is Covanta Environmental Solutions’ unique, start-to-finish reverse distribution system, which can accommodate large volumes efficiently and quickly. The Covanta difference is:

  • Compliance. Our comprehensive waste destruction reverse distribution process is DEA-compliant and DOT-permitted.
  • Expertise.We have more experience than any other US company in the operation of waste conversion and energy generation. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities allow us to provide full-service solutions with processes that follow all FDA, DEA and EPA regulations.
  • Closed-loop Process. Covanta Environmental Solutions maintains complete custody from collection to destruction oversight and certification, reducing the risk and exposure for diversion. Your unmarketable pharmaceutical waste -- whether returned, off-spec, expired, or recalled -- will be safely and securely accounted for, destroyed, and rendered 100 percent irretrievable.
  • Energy-from-Waste Facilities and Environmental Benefit. Covanta EfW facilities provide safe, technologically-advanced waste disposal that reduces reliance on landfills, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and generates clean, renewable energy to support your sustainability and EPR objectives.
  • High Volume Capability. No matter what your needs are, Covanta has the capacity to manage large volumes efficiently. Our reverse distribution credentialing and secure destruction process allows us to manage large inventories of drugs in full compliance.
  • Faster Response. Quick turnaround for contaminated substances, raw materials and other time-sensitive destruction events is no issue with our streamlined process.

What's at Risk?

It’s important to note that Covanta’s services and capabilities are not conventional. We go the extra mile to ensure that safety and our world-class standards are not just met, but exceeded, through disciplined systems and continuous improvement.

Without such a degree of care, you may be putting your operation and those it affects in jeopardy. Know what’s at risk.

Public Health and Safety. With misuse and abuse of controlled (Schedule II-V) pharmaceuticals on the rise, DEA regulators are mobilized to fight the opioid epidemic.

  • Four in five new heroin users started out misusing prescription painkillers. (Source: American Society of Addiction Medicine: Opioid Addiction 2016 Facts and Figures)

The Environment.The EPA and health and safety officials warn that improper disposal of pharmaceutical waste in our sewers and landfills negatively impacts our drinking water and harms aquatic life.

  • 46 million people in the US have drugs in their drinking water (Source: Associated Press 2008)

Your Reputation and Bottom Line. With the importance of DEA compliance on everyone’s mind, you can’t risk your brand’s reputation with unnecessary exposure to regulatory sanctions or the financial impact of fines or bad publicity.

Meeting DEA compliance, achieving corporate sustainability goals or supporting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation shouldn’t be obstacles faced alone, not when there’s so much at risk. Great achievement poses great challenges—make sure you have great help.

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Its a Journey

It’s A Journey

Being committed to the environment and finding ways to divert waste from the landfill are not easy but these goals drive the employees and leaders at Fareva.

Waste Acceptance Criteria

Covanta Environmental Solutions’ medical waste program is designed primarily for frontline medical waste service providers that have collection and transfer station capabilities.

Covanta Environmental Solutions is committed to helping organizations solve their sustainability challenges through forward-thinking solutions that divert waste from landfills and use waste to generate renewable energy.