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Retail Pharmacies, Hospitals & Care Facilities

Healthcare facilities strive to provide optimal care and service to their patients.

Whether you are a pharmacy, hospital, medical center, or a long-term care facility, you understand that providing the best for your patients means minding the details of your operation—especially key ones, such as the management of pharmaceutical waste.

Part of managing those substances, which include partially dispensed, expired or otherwise unusable drugs, is properly destroying them. Not doing so can prove detrimental, and the only thing provided will be adverse consequences.

The Harm of Mishandled Pharmaceutical Waste

Controlled (Schedule II-V) and non-controlled pharmaceutical waste pose serious health and safety challenges – spurring misuse and abuse should they fall into the wrong hands or cause harm to the environment when flushed or disposed of in landfills.

If these drugs are not destroyed securely using a registered Reverse Distributor, you risk DEA corrective action or fines -- and the possible loss of your reputation and license. To mitigate the involved risk of mishandled pharmaceuticals, it’s important to get the right guidance and assistance when it comes to their disposal.

Our Expert Advantage

Covanta Environmental Solutions outpaces other DEA registered Reverse Distributors in both industry leadership and expertise:

  • Destruction Specialists.With our owned and operated network of over 40 Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities, we’re the largest assured destroyer of pharmaceuticals in the US. We have the confidence and the experience in managing and dispatching pharmaceutical waste, while providing service to thousands of accounts nationwide. We securely destroy over 20 million pounds of controlled substances each year.
  • Compliance Experts. Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities make us a leader in providing DEA compliant, budget-friendly solutions that adhere to all FDA, DEA and EPA regulations. Our closed-loop process, in which Covanta Environmental Solutions retains chain of custody, minimizes diversion points and maximizes compliance to provide you with peace of mind. You can be assured of the safe and secure disposal and destruction of your pharmaceutical waste.
  • Energy-from-Waste Leaders. Covanta’s proprietary Energy-from-Waste destruction process creates clean, renewable energy, powering more than 1 million homes annually. This safe, technologically-advanced waste disposal system reduces reliance on landfills and minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

Service Offerings

Our customers receive safe and environmentally-friendly solutions to securely collect and destroy controlled (Schedule II-V) and non-controlled pharmaceutical waste. A variety of on-site, mail-in and business-supporting options are available, each with customizations to meet every customer’s specific needs:

Kiosks. Support community safety and drive business with placement of consumer-friendly, secure collection points. These convenient collection kiosks allow consumers to safely deposit their unwanted and old pharmaceuticals. Each kiosk comes equipped with removable DEA/DOT-compliant inner liners for hassle-free shipping to Covanta Environmental Solutions when full.


Mail-In Box Program. This convenient and affordable solution helps your facility stay in full compliance with DEA regulations and avoid corrective actions, fines and missteps. Whether you need to destroy a small quantity of one medication or a larger number of multiple pharmaceuticals, we’ll provide the support and solution that works for you. There’s not even a required upfront payment.


Consulting Services. Covanta Environmental Solutions provides consulting services to support your business operations’ planning and growth opportunities. Our compliance reports and other evaluative services can help you understand and manage risk.

Custom Solutions Available

Our suite of customized solutions ensures pharmaceutical waste will be safely and securely destroyed and rendered 100% irretrievable. Many companies rely on our expertise for:

  • Comprehensive waste-destruction reverse distribution that is DEA compliant and DOT-permitted
  • Closed loop chain of custody for proper handling and assured destruction
  • Fewer diversion points, reducing the risk of DEA non-compliance
  • Proprietary Energy-from-Waste (EfW) process generating clean, renewable energy
  • Scalable service to support volume and timing needs
  • Monitoring of federal, state, and municipal policies to help insure consistent compliance

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Contact us or call 980-298-3263 for more information or to get started with solutions for your facility.

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“Preventing drug abuse, protecting our environment and safeguarding our public health is a great campaign that benefits us all. Covanta has partnered with municipalities throughout the Nation to make it safe, easy, and affordable to properly dispose of unused pharmaceuticals. Drugs should only be prescribed from our doctor, not come from our tap. The more safe disposal options available, the less drugs will end up contaminating our waters or in the hands of those battling drug addictions.”

Adrienne Esposito - Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment
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Covanta Environmental Solutions routinely works with companies that have sensitive waste streams requiring assured destruction.