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Technical and Chemical Services

Our team provides on-site evaluation, identification, packaging, profiling, recycling and disposal for all kinds of chemical wastes. We are always refining processes, applying new technologies and developing approaches to provide greater value and produce better results for you.

Some solutions include:

  • Acceptance of wastewater by container, tanker truck or rail at our facilities. Full-service laboratory services and technical support are available to help you meet your waste characterization needs
  • Identification, characterization and packaging of small- quantity laboratory materials (lab pack) in accordance with chemical compatibility and all appropriate regulations
  • Waste characterization performed at our transfer facilities and then sorted by physical and chemical characteristics into combustion disposal categories that best fit their ultimate disposition
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CES Liquid Tanker

WasteWater Management Zero‐Waste‐to‐Landfill Case Study: American Airlines Wheel and Brake Center

It’s no secret that the airline industry has had its share of economic troubles over the years. This cost‐containment environment factored greatly into the team’s journey to zero landfill. It was important to find a partner that could cost‐effectively help achieve their goals.