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Covanta Haverhill

Haverhill Facility Photo

Covanta Haverhill

The Haverhill Resource Recovery Facility is located on a 147-acre area in the Ward Hill Neck section of Haverhill, MA. The facility is bordered by Interstate Route 495 to the east and by the Merrimack River to the north, south, and west. Covanta Haverhill is owned and operated by Covanta and began commercial operation in June 1989. The facility processes 1,650 tons per day of solid waste, generating up to 49 megawatts of renewable energy. The facility is equipped with a ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling system and an air-cooled condenser that condenses turbine exhaust.

Commercial Operation:

June 1989

Waste Processing Capacity:

1,650 tons per day

Air Pollution Control Equipment:

Semi-dry flue gas scrubbers injecting lime, fabric filter baghouses, nitrogen oxide control system, mercury control system, and continuous emissions monitoring system

Energy-from-Waste System:

Two 825 ton-per-day waterwall furnaces with massburn Martin® reverse-reciprocating grates and ash handling system

Energy Generation:

Up to 49 megawatts from one condensing steam turbine generator

Awards and Recognition:

  • Designated a Voluntary Protection Program Star facility by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for workplace safety
  • Received DEA certificate of excellence for outstanding support in safe, secure, prescription, illegal drug and evidence destruction under our drug take back program. Haverhill supports Federal, state and local authorities under this program

Community Initiatives

Mistic Aquarium


Mystic Aquarium

Covanta SECONN, SEMASS, Haverhill, and Bristol recently teamed up with Mystic Aquarium to launch a new, interactive exhibit designed to educate visitors about how discarded marine debris can be turned into clean energy. Covanta Cove exhibits a water feature depicting a local pond, a diorama reflective of a local Connecticut neighborhood, a scale-model of a typical Energy-from-Waste facility, and two giant, mobile claws. Visitors can maneuver the cranes to collect debris from the cove’s pond, and then deposit the “waste” into receptacles for processing at the facility. The “waste” powers the nearby homes with the energy produced by the Energy-from-Waste process.

Covanta Haverhill

100 Recovery Way

Haverhill, MA  01835



Bill Zaneski


Visit Our Facility!

If you would like an escorted tour of our facility, please reach out. We welcome the opportunity to show you how our resource recovery process works.

Click here for tour checklist (PDF)

All tours must be scheduled in advance. Please call 978-241-3060 or email

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