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Covanta Environmental Solutions - Myerstown


Material Processing Facility Overview:

  • Assist Energy-from-Waste (EfW) Plants with Non-Conforming or Problematic Waste Loads – Covanta Environmental Solutions Myerstown can be your first call if you encounter a load that is not acceptable at the EFW facility such as loads with free liquids, powder or granular materials, containers such as drums in the load, loads that have contents that are too large, loads that contain materials that do not have an approval, loads that have materials with BTU levels above your desired threshold, identification of unknown chemicals, etc. Covanta Environmental Solutions Myerstown’s permit allows us to receive waste with a completed profile form (so we can expedite an approval within hours). We can process the material and return it to the EFW in a blended acceptable state. Don’t turn business away, just re-direct it to Covanta Environmental Solutions Myerstown.
  • Residual Waste Management & Industrial By-Products Recycling, and Disposal – Includes waste material (solid, liquid, or sludge) produced by industrial cleaning wastes, manufacturing waste, processing waste, pharmaceutical waste, consumer packaged goods, spill cleanup wastes, etc.
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal and Management – Includes flammable wastes, corrosive wastes, oil-based finishes, photographic solutions, recalled or unused pesticides, and toxic wastes. Also disposal of empty chemical containers or containers that once held hazardous materials.
  • Universal Waste Management, Disposal, and Recycling – Includes light bulbs, lighting ballast, thermostats, batteries such as nickel-cadmium and small sealed lead-acid batteries, mercury containing equipment, , etc.
  • E-Waste Disposal and Recycling – Includes computers, monitors, printers, office products, consumer electronics, phones, microwave ovens, etc.
  • Product Destruction Services & Secure Data Destruction – Includes using an industrial shredder to process consumer packaged goods, consumer packaged pharmaceuticals that are out-of-date, expired, recalled, discontinued, damaged, defective, and the shredding of documents and other information storage media.
  • We can accept waste in almost any container or in bulk – Includes quarts, gallons, pails, drums, totes, Gay-lord boxes, super sacks, consumer packaged, bulk tankers, vacuum trucks, sludge boxes, roll-offs, etc.
  • Bulk Liquid Solidification – wastewater; non-recyclable oils, drill cuttings, oil tank bottoms and oil sludge from terminal cleanings; water-based adhesives, latex paints, and latex products; water- and soy-based inks; plastics, resins, and polymers.
  • Hydrate solids – we can hydrate and blend/mix granular materials, powders, etc.
  • Waste Pick Up and Transportation – Trucks are licensed to transport waste in PA, MD, DE, VA, NJ, and NY. Subcontractor trucks can transport waste in the 48 contiguous states.
  • On-Site Services – Includes lab pack, segregation, and packing; tank cleanings and closures; plant cleanouts and closures; and waste sampling and analytical services, vacuum truck services, industrial cleaning, etc. 

Covanta Environmental Solutions - Myerstown

343 King Street

Myerstown, PA  17067



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