- Friday, April 3, 2015 -

Covanta Appoints General Manager for Dublin Waste-to-Energy Project

Dublin, Ireland – Covanta, a world leader in sustainable waste and energy solutions, today announced the appointment of John Daly as General Manager, Dublin Waste to Energy, Ltd. In this role he will oversee the building and operation of the 600,000  tonne Dublin Waste-to-Energy (DWTE) facility in Poolbeg, Dublin.  Work on the €500 million project commenced late last year and operations are targeted for late 2017.

Mr. Daly moves to Covanta from Bord na Mona, where he was Head of its Resource Recovery Unit since 2013. There he oversaw the commercial and domestic waste management business across seven sites in the Republic of Ireland. 

Mr. Daly previously held positions with Kingspan Environmental & Renewables as Divisional Operations Director, Onyx Ireland Ltd. (Veolia Group) as Managing Director. He has also served as Deputy Chairman of the Irish Waste Management Association.

Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Matthew R. Mulcahy, Senior Vice President and Head of Corporate Development with Covanta said, “We are delighted to welcome John to the Covanta team. He has worked as a senior executive at a range of environmental businesses and he brings a wealth of relevant experience to the exciting and challenging task of building the Dublin Waste-to-Energy facility and taking it into operations in 2017.”

Mr. Daly added, “It’s a great privilege to be named General Manager of the DWTE project. This is a landmark development in state-of-the-art waste management for the Dublin Region, and for Ireland. The project will deliver a long-term sustainable waste management solution which will divert post-recycled waste from landfills, generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gases, all while providing a meaningful boost to the economy.”

He also stressed the importance of developing positive relations with the local community in the Sandymount, Ringsend and Irishtown areas, and said he would work steadfastly to maintain an accountable and transparent relationship with local residents and other stakeholders.

About Dublin Waste to Energy

The Dublin Waste-to-Energy project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between Dublin City Council (acting on behalf of the four Dublin Local Authorities) and Covanta, a world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions, to provide a thermal treatment plant to treat municipal waste that cannot be reused or recycled. Located in Poolbeg, in Dublin Port, the facility will provide the Dublin region with a long-term sustainable and environmentally superior waste management solution, enabling it to divert post-recycled waste from landfills and become locally self-sufficient in managing waste, consistent with regional, national and EU waste policies. When complete, the facility will generate clean energy to supply 80,000 homes, reducing Ireland’s reliance on imported fossil fuel, and has also been designed with technology and infrastructure to provide enough heat to meet the equivalent needs of over 50,000 homes.

About Covanta

Covanta is a world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions. The Company's 46 Energy-from-Waste facilities provide communities and businesses around the world with environmentally sound solid waste disposal by using waste to generate clean, renewable energy. Annually, Covanta's modern Energy-from-Waste facilities safely and securely convert approximately 20 million tons of waste into clean, renewable electricity to power approximately one million homes and recycle over 500,000 tons of metal. Energy-from-Waste facilities reduce greenhouse gases, complement recycling and are a critical component to sustainable solid waste management. For more information, visit www.covanta.com.