Community Engagement

With our commitment to sustainability comes a commitment to programs that support the environmental issues we believe in – issues like fresh air, clean water and safe oceans. These are issues that affect people, communities and the precious home we all share, Earth.

Covanta’s extensive Energy-from-Waste (EfW) infrastructure places us in a unique position to lend our support to confronting environmental and social challenges head on and lend our help whenever and wherever possible. Some of our efforts include our long-standing support of initiatives to safely dispose of unwanted and expired medication, helping to remove and manage marine debris from our coastal waters and preventing mercury pollution from consumer goods.

Debris Reduction in Coastal Waters

Covanta is a founding member of the Trash Free Seas Alliance that pledges to reduce the amount of trash in our oceans. We are also partners in Fishing for Energy, a program designed to counteract the financial burden imposed on commercial fishermen when disposing of derelict gear that can wind up in ocean waters.


Mercury Awareness

Since 2000, Covanta has conducted Mercury Awareness Collection Programs to educate people on the environmental dangers of mercury – and how to best dispose of household products containing this deadly toxin.


Water Supply Preservation

The unfortunate rise in pharmaceutical drug abuse has led to an unforeseen side effect: increased pollution of waterways and drinking water. To combat this problem, Covanta has created the Prescription for Safety Program (Rx4Safety) to provide environmentally-safe disposal of unwanted and expired medications collected at drug-take-back programs.