Covanta’s mission is to create and maintain a diverse, inclusive environment that respects the unique talents, perspectives and experiences of our employees.

Diversity and inclusion is one key to our success. Studies show that companies have stronger collaboration and achieve better business performance from diverse groups of employees. In the crucial skill sets of problem solving, conflict resolution, idea vetting and creativity, diversity always wins.

By embracing diversity, we foster a work community that opens minds and opportunities – which helps Covanta grow stronger as a company.

In building our workforce, we strive to “stay local” so we can reflect the ethnic diversity of the communities where our facilities are located. We also focus our efforts on attracting qualified female applicants since we believe the physical nature of our work should never be a barrier to women entering the field.

Diversity also encompasses the aging population. Covanta values the unique and varied contributions of this experienced and knowledgeable segment of the workforce.

People are Covanta’s most valuable asset. We pledge to create a culture of acceptance, tolerance and individuality so we can all learn – and grow – together.

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