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We provide end-to-end solutions that overcome environmental challenges as diverse as the industries we serve.

Our story

Powering Today. Protecting Tomorrow.

It’s our business, our purpose and our value proposition to recover, recycle and reimagine waste for the benefit of the people we serve and the planet we share. It’s what “Protecting Tomorrow” is all about.

A Covanta employee stands outside our e-waste facility in Philadelphia, PA.
What we do


Modern-day waste-to-energy incineration offers a more sustainable alternative to landfilling waste for communities and businesses. Our state-of-the-art facilities reduce greenhouse gases, produce clean energy and recover metal for recycling.

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21 Million

Tons of waste converted to energy annually


Homes powered with renewable electricity


Tons of metal recycled annually


What Our Clients Say

"Covanta employees provide an essential service that is critical to the operation of the City on the best of days, and your tireless efforts are never more important than when the City confronts adversity."

Kathryn Garcia, Former Commissioner, New York City Department of Sanitation

“Our work with Covanta is very important to this city. We’re helping to establish a ‘green’ community."

Thelma Latimer-Davis, Environmental Engineer, American Airlines

"Covanta's been right there with us - helping, guiding and delivering on their promises to us."

Hallie Davidson, Talent Acceleration Program Associate, Land O' Lakes Dairy Foods

"Covanta is playing a very important part for us by offering a truly sustainable way to manage what we cannot recycle. They helped us take our sustainability efforts to a whole new level."

Barbara Baker, Recycling Manager, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority