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Product recalls are a challenging and risk-laden burden for any company. Covanta Environmental Solutions can eliminate the worry and protect your customers and brand reputation with our comprehensive solutions.

A poorly managed product recall can have a negative impact on a company’s brand reputation and expose the business to potential liability. In order to protect your bottom line, you want to make sure you partner with an expert.

Covanta Environmental Solutions has the product recall management experience and know-how you need. With our sustainable, end-to-end services, we’ve helped many companies execute product recalls for a variety of products.

Expert help to execute an effective product recall

Our logistics experts can manage the retrieval of products from stores, warehouses, or any other location. We also maintain a fleet of trucks, allowing us to take care of hauling needs so you don’t have to. All materials are transported to our secure locations for final disposal.

When it comes to secure product destruction, no one compares to Covanta Environmental Solutions. We destroy millions of pounds of products each year at our global network of modern-day Waste-to-Energy facilities. We also offer recycling options for components of the products and/or packaging.

At the end of the process, you receive a Certificate of Destruction, as well as peace of mind knowing your company is protected from liability and damage to your brand reputation while protecting the environment.

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