Waste solutions to protect your brand’s reputation

Retailers and consumer brand companies frequently end up with products that cannot be sold. Whether it’s a product recall, an off-spec item or an expired product, you need the material safely and swiftly removed from distribution—to protect your company from liability and to protect your brand from the reputational damage associated with inferior products reaching the public.

Working with Covanta Environmental Solutions is the smart move for your brand and the planet. We wrote the playbook on secure product destruction using our network of Waste-to-Energy facilities. With our logistical capabilities, we’ll also provide the help you need in case of a product recall. What’s more, all of our solutions are environmentally-friendly, helping you meet your sustainability goals.

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How We Can Help

Security lock on file foldersSecured Product Destruction

Monitored handling, real-time tracking, witnessed and certified destruction of materials through a controlled incineration process

safety recall noticeProduct Recall Solutions

Logistics, transportation and product destruction to ensure a secure recall that protects your brand reputation

plastic bottles of yellow goods on a conveyor beltPlastic & Packaged Goods Recycling

Solutions to ensure sustainable disposal of unsaleable packaged products

CES trucks line up outside the Milwaukee facility Transportation & Logistics

An owned and operated fleet of box trucks, bulk tankers, vacuum trucks, dump trucks and roll-off trucks to move hazardous and non-hazardous waste off your property to the proper recycling and material management facilities