Ensuring your waste doesn’t slow down production

Manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada account for more than 10% of their economies. With that comes the production of large amounts of waste. Secure and compliant handling of that waste is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly and helping it meet its sustainability goals.

Covanta Environmental Solutions has the expertise to handle your liquid waste, byproducts and any unsaleable products. We can also come to you to perform cleaning and remediation services and remove any other waste materials. When you have materials that must be destroyed, our secure process ensures they will never fall into the wrong hands. We also support manufacturing companies with regulatory compliance and help businesses move toward a more circular economy that returns resources to productive use.

Security and sustainability go hand-in-hand when you partner with Covanta Environmental Solutions to manage your manufacturing waste.


How We Can Help

Total-Waste-and-Materials-Management-(Overview)-1Total Waste & Materials Management

Comprehensive solutions that help your business embrace a circular economic model through risk mitigation, cost savings and sustainable optimization

Secure-Product-Destruction-(Circle)Secured Product Destruction

Monitored handling, real-time tracking, witnessed and certified destruction of materials through a controlled incineration process

Liquid-Waste-Management-(Circle)Liquid Waste Management

Chemical and physical treatment that separates water from contaminants for recycling, destruction and/or energy recovery

Transportation-(Circle)Transportation & Logistics 

An owned and operated fleet of box trucks, bulk tankers, vacuum trucks, dump trucks and roll-off trucks to move hazardous and non-hazardous waste off your property to the proper recycling and material management facilities