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In the Healthcare industry, the stakes are high and the details matter when it comes to protecting your patients, staff and brand. Our solutions leave nothing to chance, offering end-to-end reliability in everything from keeping up with government regulations to destroying your waste safely, discreetly and completely.

Backed by a global network of Waste-to-Energy and Material Processing Facilities, we can handle any challenge at any size, ensuring your disposal needs are met affordably and transparently in the most sustainable way possible. So, whether you’re a small clinic or an international organization, we'll take care of your waste needs so you can focus on taking care of your patients and the services they rely on.


How We Can Help

Medications and Prescriptions can be very harmful to the environment and should be properly disposed. Pharmaceutical Waste Services

DEA-registered services that are fully licensed to receive, inventory, validate, track, transport, witness and certify the destruction of pharmaceutical waste at any scale

a pile of sharps and medical vialsRegulated Medical Waste

End-to-end tracking, secure and compliant transportation, absolute destruction and all necessary certification and documentation of regulated medical waste

Secure Product Destruction is always a safe and secure solution. Secure Product Destruction

Monitored handling, real-time tracking, witnessed and certified destruction of materials through a controlled incineration process

CES trucks line up outside the Milwaukee facility Transportation & Logistics

An owned and operated fleet of vehicles to move hazardous and non-hazardous waste off your property to the proper recycling and material management facilities