A commitment to security—and sustainability—for the public sector

When a government agency needs to get rid of material, security is key. Whether it’s classified documents, legal evidence or other sensitive items, it must be handled by experts using the strictest protocols. That’s why so many government agencies, from the federal level down to municipalities, rely on Covanta Environmental Solutions.

Our secure facilities provide the ideal setting to handle material destruction. Sensitive materials are fed directly into the combustion chamber and then completely destroyed at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A witness can observe the entire process, if desired, and you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. We also have the flexibility to handle different methods of packaging and shipping items to our facilities.

While security is of the utmost importance, you also have sustainability goals to meet. By diverting materials from landfills and converting them into renewable energy, we reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment, helping you reach your goals.


How We Can Help

Security lock on file foldersSecure Product Destruction

Logistics, transportation and product destruction to ensure a secure recall that protects your brand reputation

Pile of electronic waste parts Electronic Waste Recycling

Recycling and reuse of electronic waste materials including plastics and metals

Colorful pile of pharmaceutical pills Pharmaceutical Waste

DEA-registered pharmaceutical waste services that are fully licensed to receive, inventory, validate, track, transport, witness and certify the destruction of pharmaceutical waste at any scale

a pile of assorted batteriesUniversal Waste

Safe recycling of materials widely used by businesses and households that is designated as “hazardous waste” and should not be disposed of in the trash