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Energy-from-Waste Facility

Covanta Tulsa Renewable Energy, LLC
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Covanta Tulsa Energy-from-Waste Facility, also known as the Walter B. Hall Resource Recovery Facility, is Covanta's first Energy-from-Waste (EfW) project and began commercial operation in October 1986 with two units. A third unit was later added to meet growing demands of the residents and businesses in the Tulsa area.

Operating as Covanta Tulsa Renewable Energy, LLC, the facility processes 1,125 tons-per-day of solid waste, generating up to 240,000 pounds-per-hour of steam. The steam can be used to power a turbine generator to produce 16.8 megawatts of clean, renewable energy that is sold to Public Service Company of Oklahoma. However, on a more regular basis, the steam is sold to Holly Frontier, Inc. (an independent refiner), adjacent to the facility, and used in the refining process. This offsets the need for the refinery to use fossil fuels to generate their own steam.

Notably, Covanta Tulsa received the 2013 Bronze Excellence Award in the Waste-to-Energy (WTE) category from the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA.)

Technical Data

Facility Address:

2122 S. Yukon Ave
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107
(918) 699-0011


22 acres owned by Covanta Tulsa Renewable Energy, LLC

Commercial Operation:


Energy-from-Waste System:

Two 375 ton-per-day Martin Gmbh inclined and horizontal grates, one Sangfeng platform, all three units have water wall furnaces

Boiler Design:

Zurn manufactured 824 pounds per square inch gauge (psig)/700°F superheater outlet conditions

Air pollution control equipment:

Aqueous ammonia injection, activated carbon injection with lime slurry injection, followed by fabric filter baghouse for fly ash collection.

Rated Refuse Capacity:

1,125 tons-per-day or 410,625 tons-per-year

Energy Generation @ Rated Capacity:

16.8 megawatts of electricity

Sold to:

American Electric and Power/Public Service Company of Oklahoma