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Covanta Indianapolis EfW facility

Covanta  Indianapolis, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indianapolis Resource Recovery Facility, operating as Covanta Indianapolis, Inc., began commercial operation in December 1988, serving the approximately 815,000 residents of the city of Indianapolis/Marion County. The facility can process 2,175 tons-per-day of solid waste that produce no less than 4,500 pounds of steam sold per ton. Citizens Thermal Energy (CTE) purchases the steam to power the downtown heating loop. The loop includes nearly all downtown businesses, as well as Indiana University, Purdue University's Indianapolis campus, and Eli Lilly, the area's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. 

Technical Data

Facilities Address: 

2320 South Harding Street
Indianapolis, IN 46221
(317) 378-8700


21 acres in Indianapolis, IN

Commercial Operation Date: 

December 1988

Energy-from-Waste System:

Three 725 ton-per-day waterwall furnaces with Martin® reverse-reciprocating grates and ash handling system

Boiler Design: 

510 pounds per square inch gauge (psig)/710°F superheater outlet condition

Air Pollution Control Equipment: 

Semi-dry flue gas scrubbers injecting lime, fabric filter baghouses, nitrogen oxide control system, mercury control system, and continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system

Rated Refuse Capacity: 

2,175 tons per day/municipal solid waste

Steam Export Capacity:

no less than 4,500 lbs. /steam per ton

Sold to: 

Citizens Thermal Energy