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Project Growth and Development

Covanta has extensive experience in the development, construction, operation, acquisition and integration of waste and energy services businesses. We are pursuing growth opportunities particularly in locations where the market demand, regulatory environment or other factors encourage renewable technologies such as energy-from-waste to reduce dependence on landfill waste disposal and fossil fuel energy production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GhG). As a company, we are focusing on select countries in Europe, with additional opportunities in Canada and the United States. Our development projects include new energy-from-waste and other renewable energy projects, existing project expansions, contract extensions, acquisitions, and businesses ancillary to our existing business, such as additional waste transfer, transportation, processing, recycling and disposal businesses. 

Europe currently represents our most vibrant growth market. The European Union (EU) Landfill Directive, adopted to prevent or reduce negative effects on the environment from landfill waste, mandates a 65 percent reduction of biodegradable waste in landfills by the year 2020 or sooner. This and other directives have led EU member states to divert municipal solid waste from landfills to recycling and energy-from-waste, also known as waste-to-energy. While the waste management programs of certain EU member states such as Germany and Denmark are fully mature, there are many opportunities in other countries.

Please review some of our current expansion and development projects:

North America

Durham/York (Canada) 


Rookery South Resource Recovery Facility Project (England)
Ince Park (England)
Green Hills Energy-from-Waste Facility (Scotland)
Poolbeg Energy-from-Waste Project (Ireland)