Covanta employees planting trees and flowers in a Morristown park

Three Ways We Help the Planet

As Protectors of Tomorrow, we work every day to contribute to a more sustainable world.

1. By fighting climate change and reducing greenhouse gases.

Every year we divert 21 million tons of waste away from landfills.


2. By powering homes and communities.

We convert enough waste to power over one million homes annually.


3. By recycling valuable materials from the waste stream.

Every year we recycle approximately 550,000 tons of metal – that’s enough aluminum to make three billion soda cans and enough steel to manufacture 400,000 cars.

A Commitment to the World We Share

Reducing pollution, fighting climate change and preserving valuable resources are just a few pieces that make up the “Protecting Tomorrow” puzzle. The full picture of what we do is much broader, extending into both environmental and community volunteerism, stewardship and education to encourage sustainability within other businesses and the places we call home. It’s a big part of what makes our day-to-day far more than your average nine-to-five.

Now more than ever, we need environmentally and socially responsible means of managing solid waste. Hear from our Protectors of Tomorrow on how their work contributes to a better world in the video below.