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Sustainability: Our Clean World Initiative

We believe that sustainability requires the wise deployment, use and management of human, economic and natural resources. In adhering to this vision of sustainability, we bring value to our employees, communities, customers, partners and shareholders.

Covanta provides sustainable solutions to energy and environmental problems and our corporate culture is increasingly focused on sustainability themes. We aspire to continuously improve our environmental performance, beyond mere compliance with legally required standards. This ethos is embodied in our “Clean World Initiative” (CWI) in which we commit to:

  • invest in the research and development of new technologies to enhance existing operations and create new business opportunities in renewable energy and waste management;
  • explore and implement processes and technologies at our existing facilities to improve efficiency and lessen environmental impacts; and
  • partner with governments and non-governmental organizations to communicate the benefits of energy-from-waste (EfW), enhance recycling opportunities in conjunction with EfW technology and support the development of other environmental programs, such as reducing the use of mercury-containing devices or properly disposing of commercial fishing gear and marine debris.

CWI is designed to be consistent with our mission to be the world’s leading energy-from-waste company by providing environmentally superior solutions, advancing our technical expertise and creating new business opportunities. Through CWI, Covanta Energy commits to achieving and maintaining an environmental, health and safety performance that ranks among the best in the energy-from-waste industry and to contributing to the communities in which we operate.

Learn more by reading our Corporate Sustainability Report.